Why You Need the Laser Therapy Cap

02 Dec

Balding, hair loss and hair thinning in areas on the scalp is a problem that both men and men suffer. Statistics show that up to 50% of adult women and up to 80% of adult men suffer from thinning hair or the risk of thinning hair. This is not a good experience, especially for women. This explains the many hair restoration and regrowth therapies that have been tried to reverse the process. There are some that have been found to effective in restoring hair. Various kinds of laser hair therapy have been used to restore hair by all across the gender divide. Laser therapy is commonly used by patients due to its non - intrusive nature and the discretion that it affords the users. All the laser hair therapies use laser that has minimal intensity so that there are no harmful effects on the scalp. Generally laser hair therapy is a non-surgical procedure that works by stimulating the scalp so as to increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles. This will in turn avail nutrients, hormones, minerals and vitamins that are needed for optimal hair growth. The laser can even stimulate previously inactive and dormant hair follicles for hair growth. Click for More!

The Laser Luce Therapy uses a dome shaped apparatus to restore missing hair on the scalp. There are laser lights on the inside of the cap. It works by placing the cap over the head of the patient. The laser light is then absorbed naturally into the scalp and stimulates the skin which in turn leads to more blood flowing. Capillus laser cap is one such caps that has been clinically proven and cleared by the FDA to treat hair loss. The laser cap method is a non - surgical non - invasive hair restoration therapy that takes only a few minutes per session. The therapy can be used at home by placing the rechargeable cap on your head for about six minutes per session or in the physician's office. For laser therapy to be effective, it should be done regularly. Physician experts advice patients to use at least three times a week or even every other day. The Capillus laser cap is very discreet, easy to use and easily portable. The caps are quite affordable and feature more lasers. Besides restoring the hair follicles to grow fuller and thicker hair, the therapy stops progression of hair thinning and hair loss.Click for More!

For further details regarding laser therapy caps, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCHrgz4T_18.

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